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The Raspberry – for a Blackberry Generation

Unofficially titled the BBC Micro 2.0, the Raspberry Pi went on sale recently and promptly crashed the servers of the distributors who were selling them – demand got to 700 enquiries a second at one point!

The ideal behind the little machine is to try and and stimulate kids to get involved in programming by making a computer that is designed to be programmed – just like the BBC Micro in the 1980s.

Having grown up with the BBC Micro it’s great to see this generation of kids having the same opportunities to explore programming easily – and cheaply.

At only £22 it’s quite a neat bit of kit with a 700 MHz Arm11 processor, a GPU and 256MB of RAM. But no case – which seems a bit stingy – we would have paid at least an extra pound for one of those. It doesn’t even need a power supply, taking all of the juice it needs from its USB port. Nice.

The machine comes with a version of BBC BASIC for users to start programming with right away.

20 GOTO 10

It’ll be interesting to see whether the demand goes beyond the nostalgic parents and can really reach out to the tech-savvy kids of today.

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