We find inspiration in the smallest of details and the boldest of designs – across all media and interactive platforms.

Interactive Music

There are so many new opportunities for bands and record companies to deliver immersive experiences to their fans. And we think it’s crucial that they do!

Interactive Video

To be successful in today’s connected, platform agnostic landscape, singers and bands have to build more and more interesting viral hooks to their campaigns in order for any buzz to really build across the globe.

It’s an area we’ve been exploring for a while with some production houses in London, working on a couple of demos that bring interactivity to music video content. We’re in the middle of an exciting transition – and we’re looking forward to what’s coming next!

Look Around

Red Hot Chili Pepper’s interactive video for ‘Look Around’ is the latest example. It uses interesting camera navigation techniques – where you are the director controlling the camera. You see cool snippets of content crossing over between scenes, plus hidden links, photos and videos that keep the viewer engaged.

To watch the interactive version click here:
Look Around – Interactive

Compare that to the non-interactive version and you quickly feel the difference:

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