The Management Team

PaperSeven was founded in September 2011 by three friends, senior members of Black Rock Studio – an award-winning, AAA racing games studio. There is now a team of 14 across all disciplines, and we also work with a talented network of freelancers.

Alice Guy

Alice Guy, Managing Director

Alice primarily wears a running-the-business hat, and helps drive the studio’s production and creative processes.

For six years she was Director of Production at PS3/360 developer Black Rock Studio, leading production for the 140-man studio, and the strategic planning of the Production, QA and Audio departments. Alice amassed a deep knowledge of games development. Standout titles there included Split/Second and Pure.

Prior to entering the games industry, Alice spent a decade working in project management and business development roles within the Online, TV, Events and Public Sectors. She has managed projects and partnerships with budgets ranging from £0.2m to £20m.

Favourite game: Tetris

David Jefferies

David Jefferies, Technical Director

David drives the Technical strategy at PaperSeven as well as leading from the front as TD on all our projects.

He’s been involved in the games industry for 20 years, working on an impressive range of titles and platforms. David’s career began at Psygnosis before a move to Rare in 1999, then Climax Racing (which became Black Rock Studio) in 2003.

David has led Programming teams for almost 15 years and progressed to Director of Technology at Black Rock. He was Technical Director of multiple Moto GP titles, and of the 50-man code team on the award-winning racer Split/Second. He also worked on the seminal Wipeout series in the 1990s.

Favourite game: Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Ryan Guy

Ryan Guy, Art Director

Ryan keeps the studio in check on the style front, and drives the artistic direction of all projects.

He started his career as a successful artist and gallery owner in Brighton in 2000 before a chance meeting led him into games. After earning his stripes on the pioneering Moto GP franchise, Ryan’s leadership and art direction skills quickly saw him rise to Lead Environment roles on award-winning titles Pure and Split/Second.

His core specialisms lie in 3D modelling and texturing, and CGI and high-end rendering, but outside of games has also produced graphics and CGI work for high profile brands such as Jaguar, Virgin Music and Ford.

Favourite game: (Blank? Did you ignore my email again Ryan?!)